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Our programme will be designed specifically to encourage girls to take up the sciences in larger numbers through greater involvement of our science based UK teacher volunteers. We will actively work with RSA employers, with colleges and institutes of higher education to widen the opportunities and make sciences - as well as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) learning - more attractive and better seen as a career choice for girls. The resources available to us are extensive; from individual teachers of the four areas of STEM, to those teachers with responsibility to girls in their particular schools having full access to, and encouraged to become involved with the sciences and STEM. We will be involved with colleges and universities in the RSA and the UK with a focus in this area; businesses, organisations and government departments with an interest in, and responsibility for, this area of education. There will be opportunities for this initiative to link with the Design, Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Business and Enterprise, Barriers to Learning and we will develop and promote these opportunities at every prospect or opening.

Through the "Access" page and the "STEM" button we offer a range of learning materials for educators and learners

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Education South Africa is a charity registered in England and Wales Number 1196770

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