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The future

We are often asked, "What do you plan for the future?" It is a good question and one which we are always asking ourselves and being asked by our RSA colleagues. With funding being more difficult to come by for many reasons - government cut backs, organisations and business caution and individuals receiving requests from many sides - the work we do gets increasingly problematic. Some have said that we should give up; we had achieved much and perhaps our efforts are not paying the dividends we would expect. For us that would not be possible for we are committed to South Africa; it really does get under your skin in many ways - the wonderful people, the eagerness of learners, the commitment of educators, the appreciation one is shown and the welcome one gets which is always genuine and sincere. Listening to the needs of our RSA colleagues is the obvious starting point; when we know what those needs are we can look at where our (and our UK colleagues) skills, knowledge and expertise lay so we can work together. Next we look to the resources needed. From that basis we have a programme planned to

1) Have EduSA continue, as there is still an identified need with its current efforts despite funding difficulties.

2) With the help of our very many (and many, many more as we develop) UK colleagues we will provide a virtual school to support the RSA curriculum followed in the country's schools along with a number of other specific projects .We have a well costed three year rolling business plan (which we are happy to share). It contains staffing costs to make our work more sustainable and less dependent on the fates, along with a purchasing programme for laptops that would provide a number of units for a class in thirty schools per year. Each group of laptops would be usable across the curriculum. Our success, which we are sure about, will therefore depend on three things:

  • The commitment and involvement of our UK colleagues - for us that is a given

  • The take up of our support by RSA colleagues - for us that is a given

  • Appropriate level of funding - not so much a given but we are very optimistic

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