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Design & Innovate

Design and Innovation is the basis for success at any level - be it for personal achievement, for small companies to international businesses, organisations and governments. Without D&I there would be very little advancement in any sphere of human activity. Again working with specialists in design and development we will provide projects and encourage individuals and groups to plan for themselves so as to engender these abilities. Our industrial and commercial contacts will be very much involved in this provision, sometimes with real time briefs and projects - always relevant and appropriate to age.  The act of designing is a naturally occurring human activity which we utilise many times a day in work, at home, at play and even whilst resting. By definition the verb "to design" means "a mental or visual project or scheme" in which means to an end are laid down. In our context probably the starting point of what would come under the heading of "graphic and product design" and involve the visualisation of the end product. The verb "to be innovative" often refers to the application of better solutions that meet new requirements, unarticulated needs, or existing market needs. Entrepreneurship is a mindset, a way of thinking and acting. It is about imagining new ways to solve problems and create value. That we will teach and encourage.

Through the "Access" page and the "Design and Innovation" button we offer a range of learning materials for educators and learners

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